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Fiche technique

Latest update : 28 may 2014.

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  • Formalités / Santé

    28 may 2014

    Customs formalities :
    With a few exceptions, visitors to Israel and the Palestinian Territories need only a passport that’s valid for at least six months from the date of entry. Nationals of most Central American and African countries (but not South Africa), India, Singapore and some ex-Soviet republics also require a pre-issued visa (US$17). If you’re not sure, ask to your Foreign Ministry if you need a Visa. Visas given at the border are valid for 90 days. But (importantly) you will be (...)

  • Préparer son voyage

    28 may 2014

    The shops and stores are open in principle Sunday to Thursday from 9h to 19h (some take a break from 13h to 16h ) . Supermarkets generally close to 22h. All shops and services are closed for the Sabbath from Friday evening to Saturday 14h to or Sunday morning. Some stores or services also lower the curtain on Wednesday . Also aware that shops run by Muslims close on Friday and Christian shops close on Tuesday afternoon.
    The service is not included in the restaurants , (...)

  • Informations pratiques

    28 may 2014

    The voltage in Israel is 220 Volt and the plug is usually a 3 rounded socket but the best is to be equipped with an International plug adapter. Just remember that the adapter will not convert the voltage, so make sure your electronic device is suitable also to 220 Voltage.
    Weights and Measures
    The international metric system is widely used .
    To call Israel from France : 00,972 + area code 1 digit , without 0 reserved for internal communications + phone number ( (...)

  • Données culturelles

    28 may 2014

    Travel Guides The Backpacker Israel, Palestine - 2013-2014 Edition Lonely Planet Israel - 2013 Edition Hachette Tourist Guides See - Israel, Jerusalem, West Bank - 2012 Edition Lonely Planet Israel - 2014 Edition Smart Jerusalem - 2012-2013 Edition Gallimard- Cartoville Jerusalem - 2014 Edition
    Books: Novels, essays , news "A Story of Love and Darkness " by Amos Oz "War and Peace: Israel - Palestine " chronic 1956-2003 , Jean Daniel . Ed Odile Jacob . "Israel" Philippe Roy and Hugh (...)

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Dans le milieu des années 2000 le terme « responsable » fleurit aux quatre coins des brochures des voyagistes. Est-ce un effet de mode destiné à attirer les clients, ou cela reflète-t-il un réel engagement chez les acteurs du Tourisme ?

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