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The voltage in Israel is 220 Volt and the plug is usually a 3 rounded socket but the best is to be equipped with an International plug adapter. Just remember that the adapter will not convert the voltage, so make sure your electronic device is suitable also to 220 Voltage.

Weights and Measures

The international metric system is widely used .


To call Israel from France : 00,972 + area code 1 digit , without 0 reserved for internal communications + phone number ( Jerusalem and Bethlehem : 02; Eilat : 07; Haifa : 04 , Tel Aviv : 03; Tiberias Nazareth : 06) + phone number ( 6 or 7 digits).
To call France from Israel : 00 + 33 + 9 digits of the number (without the 0) . From public phones, instead of 00 , call 012 , 013 or 014 , each corresponding to a different operator .


The hotels have WiFi available .


The main post offices are open from Sunday to Thursday from 8h to 18h and Friday from 8am to 12pm . Closed Saturdays . For ’secondary’ offices, some closed Wednesday at 13.30. Others are taking a break from 12:30 to 15:30, twice a week . Mail can be recognized by its red logo depicting a deer’s head on white background, meant to symbolize the speed of service ...
Count near Shk 4.20 to send a postcard or letter less than 50 g in Europe.
Most post offices have a counter exchange .


Exchange offices : open from Sunday to Thursday , 9am -19h , Friday 8h30- 14h (or 15h ) . Closed on Saturday .
Banks : generally open from 8:30 am to 13h (12h on Friday) . Some open from 16h to 18h30 , twice a week . On Saturday , they are closed .
The Israeli shekel is the currency ( 1 euro = 4.7 ILS, 2014 ) ) .
Travellers checks ( in Euros or dollars) are changed at all banks . Payment in foreign currency ( dollars, euros) is accepted by many traders . Banks are open from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am 30 to 12 h and 30 h 16 to 17 h 30. They are closed on Wednesday and Friday afternoons and Saturdays . .
There distributors everywhere. For Visa card , no problem. In contrast, Eurocard MasterCard card is not accepted in all banks.
Some distributors help remove shekalim course but U.S. dollars and euros.
Payment cards are accepted in all hotels ( except some guesthouses and B & B) , most restaurants and stores (note however the amount of the commission).


Dress and behave with common sense and discretion, and respect religious and social traditions to avoid offending local sensitivities , especially when visiting religious sites. People are very attached to their customs and beliefs.
During religious festivals, such as the Jewish New Year ( Rosh Hashanah ), the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur ) , Ramadan and Passover (Pesach ) , keep abreast of security conditions, follow the advice of authorities respect local customs.


Mediterranean climate with pleasant seasons (spring and autumn). Summer is hot and dry on the coast , temperatures are very hot inside , east and south of Israel. Winter is mild and rainy ( cold mountain ) . Climate desert in southern Israel ( Negev) .

In october the temperature is between 13°c et 25°c and no more than 10 mm of rain.

Local time

GMT / UTC +2.
When it is 12 in Paris , it is 13h in Tel Aviv. Israel and Palestine changing schedule (winter and summer) every few days compared to Western Europe .

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